Essential Photography Options You Need to Have Now

We get married. What good news, let’s go for the preparations.  Place of ceremony, dress, shoes, wedding rings, meals, guests and the photographer. For many of you, the question of the photographer’s choice is paramount: yes, you will have wonderful memories in mind.  But the photos will allow you to keep them even longer.

At first, it’s easy.  We tap on his keyboard, we refine the search by putting a precision with the canton and here is the drama. The two, five, fifteen, twenty there are hundreds of providers.  And they all have different prices.

  • Where to turn? 
  • Are they all professionals? 
  • How to know?
  • What will I have the right on D-day?

From a photographer’s eyes, we submit some tips, to try to help you in your search.

Choose according to your tastes

In my opinion, the main element in the choice of your photographer must be based on the images he will show you.  Browse the websites of photographers, look at the photos taken; it is already the first way to discover his universe.  Each photographer will work according to his own style, define the one you like and it will help you in the search.

Get in touch

Do not rush. We always propose to the future married couple a meeting several months before the ceremony, and without commitmentbecause it is essential for me to have a good feeling between the photographer and the bride and groom on the day. From the best photography studios this is a very important.

Ask for advice around you

Word of mouth

Do you have 15 friends who got married before you?  It’s perfect; ask them who they had to immortalize their union!  With a little luck, you were present at their wedding and you could even get an idea of ​​the photographer.

Book an engagement session

The ultimate test: Organize a photo shoot before the wedding.  It’s a good way to get comfortable with the photographer, discover his way of working and confirm your choice.  And in addition, it allows you to have beautiful pictures for your announcement.

What style of shooting you like

This may seem obvious to you, but it is important to look at the work of your future photographer, it is necessary that his “style” resembles and touches you. If his photos do not make you hot or cold … This may not be the right one.

For our part, our photographic style is focused on:

Seize the emotions

For us, it is essential to transcribe the strong emotions of this unforgettable day, as well as the spontaneous emotions.

The choice of the right light

The photographer of your choice must master the base of the photo, namely the light. Even in complex situations like a strong backlight.

The sense of detail

If your emotions are important to us, we do not neglect the small details so far, the bouquet, the wedding rings,and this element of decoration that is important to you.

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Signs that you need a Moneylender

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